Last Thursday night we said goodbye to our precious Gizzy Girl. We had her for almost 18 years – and in those 18 years, she brought us more joy than most folks know in a lifetime! I must say that there were several times in the last few months that we felt sure we had lost her and Dr. Landau managed to keep that baby ticking. We can’t thank him enough for giving us a few extra months with her. What a loving, caring Veterinary Clinic!! They will be our go to as long as we have pets – which will be forever! Thank you again Dr. Landau and all the caring technicians at Allatoona Animal Hospital. 🙂 RIP Ms Giz – we miss you every day, Mom, Dad, Bruiser and Bandit.


Lady had a great life and we miss her very much. She camped and boated with us and was never left behind. She thought she was a Labrador Retriever in another life. Loved boats and the water.


Dear Dr. Wansky and the Allatoona Animal Hospital staff, I just wanted to write and let you know of Rusty’s passing on 6/16/14. His neurological symptoms, among a few other things, worsened so I did the only thing I had left to do for my friend of 15 years. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me another QUALITY year with him. Last summer he was so painful, I thought for sure that was the end, but over many visits to your hospital and many acupuncture treatments, Rusty was able to live every day of this past year just about pain free. I can’t say enough about acupuncture and the kindness and compassion you showed my little old man. Thank you again.


We had to say goodbye to our devoted weenie dog Priscilla. She has been my little brown shadow for 17 years. Some of her many talents included- sun baskin, girl rais’in, drama listenin, woe sympathizin, tear lickin, candy stealin, laundry hidin, coyote attackin, deer chasin, hole diggin, squirrel gettin, red bird shreddin, lizard slicin, weenie racin, bike pullin, grief counselin, mood liftin, power nappin, sweater wearin, snake intimidatin, turtle stalkin, lap sittin, cookie snarfin, ball playin, mouse catchin, mole huntin, bone chewin, mega barkin, UPS alertin, home protectin, family lovin. “Silla” 2/97-2/14Thank you Allatoona for taking such great care of Priscilla for so many years!
The Smith Family


I didn’t rescue you, you rescued me. Thank you, my sweet old man.


Have you ever lost a loved one and receive a sympathy card from the doctor? We did after the lost our dog, Jenny. She was with us for 17 years. No one that has a pet for that long can loose them without feeling a great sense of loss. During Jenny’s last days with us, ALLATOONA ANIMAL HOSPITAL couldn’t have been more caring toward her and aware of our struggle over letting her go. After she was gone, they mailed a card and made a donation in her name to the local animal shelter. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for medical care for their pets.


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