Patient Stories

  • “Ace” is a German Shepherd from the Netherlands. He is a “Single Purpose” Explosive Detection Police Canine (a.k.a. a “bomb dog”). In other words, Ace has one job and that is to locate explosives. Ace began his training in the Netherlands with just basic obedience commands. He then came to the United States at a young age to attend a certified police canine school. Training an Explosive Detection Canine can take 2-4 months of daily training. Explosive Detection Canines have a pretty tough job detecting explosives in about 19,000 different combinations.

    Ace has been in service with the Federal Reserve Police since he was about 15 months old. His everyday duties consist of checking cars visiting the Federal Reserve, armored trucks and all incoming deliveries. His handler Shane says “We also do perimeter patrols, which is patrolling the grounds around the Federal Reserve. Ace does a lot of K-9 demonstrations for visiting school children and church groups and currently holds 3 different K-9 certifications. Ace and I have trained at venues such as the Georgia Dome, Philips Arena, Turner Field, CNN Center, Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia Tech and many different schools across the metro Atlanta area. We also train with about 30 other law enforcement agencies and have assisted other departments with searches and sweeps of large scale venues”.

    Ace turned 5 years old this past April.The service life of an Explosives Detection Canine is anywhere from 7-10 years depending on the health and work drive of the canine. Once Ace is retired from work duties, he will be legally transferred to his handler Shane to live out the rest of his life. While still in service, Ace is provided with everything from veterinary care to grooming, food, and bedding, and even cookies and toys from the department. His handler Shane says “all of his veterinary care, bathing and grooming is done with Allatoona Animal Hospital where the entire staff treats him like a K-9 king”.

  • We always enjoy stories from our clients about how their furry family members are doing. Here’s a story from one of Dr. Wansky’s patients:

    Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Wansky. In the past six years, Benny, my Coton, has been to a dermatologist, and on shots for over year, taken steroid pills & sprays, antihistamines, & prescription drugs consistently. Bless his heart, he was so uncomfortable that he would wake me up nightly with his licking. We tried everything, but nothing helped, and the costs were unbelievable. Finally, a friend of mine suggested that I take him to Dr. Wansky. That was last fall. Now, for the first time, Benny is off all shots, steroids, and prescription drugs for his allergies. Besides the Chinese herbs and spray from Dr. Wansky, the only other antihistamine Benny is still on is Benadryl. I thank the Lord for her, & for what she has done for our precious Benny!

  • Say hello to Gadget, one of our oldest patients at Allatoona Animal Hospital. Gadget was rescued 18 years ago from an abusive situation…. at the time he was 3 years old. Since his rescue he has been loved, spoiled and given the best care available. “Gadget eats better than his us” is a quote from his fur daddy. He is fed a grain free totally organic, high protein diet and receives chiropractic and acupuncture care when needed. He is the sweetest, most precious old man and his fur momma loves him greatly! Thanks to Dr. Hiland and Dr. Wansky for loving him and giving him the best care available!

  • I felt compelled to write and tell your staff how much I value them for
    what they all do to make me and my dog Maddie feel so valued and cared
    for every time we visit!!

    I was recommended to see Dr. Wansky over a year ago as Maddie was
    shaking all over in pain and after a few visits to the ER and many
    tests, it was determined it was probably orthopaedic in nature….she
    would walk hunched up like a cat with her back arched from the pain. I
    was so upset as she couldn’t jump like she use to or play without
    stopping due to pain. In addition, she has suffered with allergies and
    an auto-immune disease of the skin for years. I was beside myself when I
    happened to be recommended to Allatoona Animal Hospital and Dr. Wansky.
    She recommended acupuncture to see if we could get Maddie’s symptoms to
    subside along with some pain medicine. I’m proud to say that we’ve been
    doing this for a year and I truly believe it has been the miracle to
    provide relief that I had hoped for.

    I must also comment on how wonderful the staff is here – from the moment
    you walk in, you are greeted like family, and every technician is
    attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. The compassion they show to each
    patient and their owner is obvious and exceeded my expectations….they
    make you feel like you are their only patient. I feel blessed to know
    them and I felt it was important to share with others who are looking
    for a vet that is the right fit, one who cares sincerely about their
    patients, and is a partner in your dog or cat’s medical plan to try to
    achieve a healthy and successful outcome!

    Allatoona Animal Hospital and Dr. Wansky – thank you all for what you do
    each and every day!

    Sherri Morgan

  • Goliath is doing great!

    I started using Dr. Wansky a number of years ago when our old girl Copper had trouble walking. We started going for regular acupuncture appointments and found it made a huge difference. Sadly, we lost Copper a while back but we did find ourselves in need of Dr. Wansky’s services again when our new pup, Goliath, started having knee issues.

    Goliath is a 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog and about a year ago we found out he had a torn cruciate ligament. He was in horrible pain and we scheduled an appointment to have surgery. It turned out his knee was still stable so they did not have to proceed with it at that time. However, I knew what a difference acupuncture had made for Copper so decided to give it a try with Goliath. While Copper’s issues were a bit different we were very hopeful that it would help Goliath. We’ve been going for acupuncture since January and Goliath is doing great. He’s down to a few natural supplements but no pain meds at all.

    Goliath is actually our third dog who has had acupuncture and if anyone out there is thinking about it for their pup, I can’t recommend it strongly enough. It usually takes about 3 sessions to start to notice a difference, which is exactly what happened with each of our pups. If your dog is having any issues that could benefit with acupuncture I would definitely schedule an appointment. As an aside, not only is Dr. Wansky wonderful, but all the staff at Allatoona Animal Hospital have been great.


  • It’s not what you did, it’s what you continue to do that makes me so happy! I’m excited to finally have made the decision to go with Allatoona Animal Hospital for all of my “fur kids” needs, not just the holistic.

    I love the positive energy we feel from the moment we walk in the doors. I love the fact that you seem to agree that we should treat holistically as much as possible, but that sometimes we have to use a “bigger hammer” and use conventional methods to jump-start the body’s ability to respond. I love the fact that my dogs don’t pull to go back out the door when we get in. I love the fact that when I inevitably think of things after I leave I can email. I appreciate the fact that you help me celebrate the fact that at my house, normal doesn’t appear to be an option! And I appreciate that with the number of beloved pets you see every day you always make me feel like mine are special and loved.  Looking forward to many years together helping my 3 goof-balls have the best life they can!

    Fisher, Lacey, & Sasha