Boarding Request Form

THANK YOU for choosing our Boarding Facilities! Our Boarding Facilities will allow your pet to be as comfortable as possible while you are away. Please feel free to contact us for a tour of our facilities at any time. Please do not assume your boarding arrangements are confirmed until we have contacted you to confirm the requested dates.

IMPORTANT: Boarding dates and arrangements are not confirmed until you have received notification. A staff member will contact you by phone or email.
  • We accept arrivals anytime we are open. Please allow a few minutes for completion of necessary forms at check-in.
  • We can release pets anytime we are open. If bathing services are being done we can call you when your pet is ready for departure. Check-out time for pets not receiving bathing/grooming services is by NOON or there will be a charge for care the day of departure. We offer exclusive Sunday departure at 5pm only and arrangements must be made in advance for Sunday services. We will not release pets on Sunday without prior arrangement.
  • Best phone number for contact in the event of an emergency while your pet is staying with us:
    Please note - check-out time is Noon the day of departure. For pets not receiving a bath or grooming, dismissals after Noon will incur a boarding charge for that day. If your pet will receive a bath or grooming the day of departure there will not be an additional charge for that day and your pet can be picked up when ready from the bath.
    Our Animal Care Specialists will administer any medications as you direct. Please be sure all medications are in labeled containers. Its important that our specialists can determine which medications are being given. You can provide dosing information at boarding check-in and do not need to list details here. The charge for administering medications is $ 5.75 per day.
  • Playtimes are $ 5.75 each and consist of a 20 minute individualized play session with a member of our Animal Care Team. Pets checked in before 12:00 noon or checking out after 12:00 noon will receive playtimes on those days. Pets checking in after 12:00 noon or checking out before 12:00 noon will not receive playtimes on those days.
    For dogs we require current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Kennel Cough vaccines and for cats we require current Rabies and Distemper vaccines. For all boarding patients we require annual fecal parasite screening for boarding at our facility. If your pet requires updated vaccines, past-due vaccines need to be updated at least 5 days in advance of boarding with us. If you have had these services done elsewhere, please fax those records to us at 678-445-6200 or email to contact@allatoonavets in advance.
  • Please indicate if there is anything we should be aware of for your pet's stay with us. Is your pet going to board in the same suite as a second pet? Does your pet need special accommodations? Does your pet become anxious around other animals?